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BitLife Unblocked Mod APK v3.13.14 Life Simulator [Unblock Bitizenship_God & Boss Mode]

Bitlife Unblocked APK is a mobile fully text based life simulator game developed by Candywriter LLC on September 29, 2018. This game bitlife online has become one of the most popular text based gaming application in both Google Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iOS).

Initially in 2018 you can create game account by linking Reddit and Twitter. Then Bitlife game launched YouTube channel on the YouTube platform In 2019. After new update in 2021, Candywriter announced a dog life feature, with this feature player can control dog too.

This game based on real human’s life. As you play life simulations games you will learn more about human nature. How we take decisions and what decisions impact our lives.

Game Information

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Requires Android


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Candywriter LLC

6.0 and Up


Bitizenship, God Mode, Boss Mode

202.44 MB

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If you want to know that your that any decision in your life will be success or failure and how it impact you throughout your life, there’s no better game than Bitlife mod. This game is modified and adds-free version for Android and iOS smartphones in which you will get easily all bit life unblocked premium features and get unlimited money to get successful life in game.

This BitLife unblocked is an updated version and it’s a life simulator game, and you will make decisions of your character from born as a child till become older. Your decisions in game also affect your health, wealth, looks, and happiness in game. If you want to know much more about this game just check out our blogs page where you find all information about this game.

Bitlife unblocked

Official APK vs BitLife Unblocked APK


FeaturesOfficial APKBitlife Unblocked APK
BitLife RoyaltyPaidFree
BitLife CasinoPaidFree
Expansion PacksPaidFree
Job PacksPaidFree
BitLife EssentialsPaidFree
Secret AgentPaidFree
Careers PackPaidFree
Sports PackPaidFree
Education PackPaidFree
Prison EscapePaidFree
God ModePaidFree
Boss ModePaidFree
Superstar ModePaidFree
Boating packPaidFree

Pros & Cons


Unlimited resources

Unlock premium features

Improved Gameplay



Security risks

Legal Issues

Lack of Support from official developers

Personal Experience and Review

Some Player’s Reviews from Google Playstore

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BitLife is text based life simulator game in which you can control life of your character. You will take decisions of your character without any hesitation and can imagine whether your decision in actual life is correct or wrong.

You can say, it gives you opportunities to judge whether your choices lead you on the right path or the wrong one. By using features of game intelligently you can enjoy your life’s decisions because you already know the results of decisions.

Bitlife Bitizens able to use to unlimited generations expansion packs, can get full interactions with teachers and their bosses. He can makes his looks awesome with the help of Bilife spa and saloon.

Bitizens can control the interface or theme of game like dark or light mode. He can also access to pet stores, dog life, and lot of other sections which are also available in bitlife bitizen apk.

Workers are under the boss and he have authority to handle a complete factory or any working area. With Bitlife Boss mode you can become actor, bitlife mafia, musician, politician, bitlife business, pro athlete, street hustler, dealer, model, vampire, r&b, baby boom, and lot more. Boss mode in bitlife is paid, but you can get it free in bitlife unblocked apk.

Bitlife Mod apk feature is another best feature of game, but this is not available in bitizenship. With this mode you can become god in game, you can edit player’s name, looks, color of skin, language, born in any country or nation, even stats without any limitations.

There are also some limitations in Godmode which are, you can’t change your siblings, birthday date, pet color, and conception methods. You can use this feature in Bitlife mod apk.

Bitlife Premium APK features are paid and after purchasing it you will unlocks all the special features of bitizenship and you will become Bitizen. In this upgrade version, you will get lot of features such as;

  • No Adds
  • Access to more pets
  • No sharing
  • Unlimited Generations
  • Dark Mode
  • Join gangs in prison
  • Interaction with teachers in school for education
  • Interaction with bosses
  • Eye Exams
  • Music band collaborations
  • Editable appearance
  • Enhance your Performance
  • Unlimited Nations
  • More Expansion packs

Yes candywriter’s developers developed more life simulator games after success of Bitlife. These games are Bitlife Dog Life, Cat life, Bitlife Br.

Yes, in the BitLife game character who becomes an actor in game can use social media platforms like WhatsApp/AN Whatsapp?

A chef must have magic in his hand to make dishes delightful and tasty. Becoming chef in Bitlife is not a tough task, you have to follow below instructions;

  • First complete your education of school and college
  • Get waiter experience of at least three years
  • Apply for a short-order cook job
  • Get promotion as an executive chef
  • Now you become professional chef

Becoming Bitlife judge is a ten minute task for an pro gamer, follow these guidelines.

  • First of all complete your education in law degree
  • Secondly find job to start your career as a lawyer
  • Now Pass the judge exams to qualify for position of judge
  • After 15 years of experience as a lawyer, you will be able to become a judge

To become astronaut in Bitlife you have to study aeronautical engineering initially in your college. Follow all these instructions;

  • Buy career pack for choosing career of Astronaut, you can get this free of cost in Bitlife Unblocked app.
  • Get a certificate of STEM and pilot license.
  • Join Training in Space Academy.
  • After completion of training apply for astronaut job in popular space agencies like NASA or SpaceX.

To become pilot is same as Astronaut in Bitlife, follow these instructions;

  • Complete University Education.
  • Join flight school.
  • Complete 40 hours of mandatory flight school lessons.
  • Take your pilot test.
  • Do Pilot trainee job and start career as a pilot in bitlife.

To marry a royal in Bitlife, you must select family nation of Arab Countries, i.e., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Dubai etc. follow these instructions;

  • Become famous to increase fame and looks stats to become handsome.
  • Get Id of any Arab country.
  • Increase your health stats.
  • Increase your bank balance.
  • Send proposal to any royalty girl for date.
  • After date propose her for marry.

Initially game was for +13, but after inclusion of some adult expansion packs, developers decided to make bitlife mod apk game +17.

Yes, Bitlife is 100% safe for children, but avoid them to get addictive with game.

Bitlife mod becoming so addictive for it’s users, due to the real results of decisions which we took for our characters and it’s daily bitlife challenges.

With Super star mode you can change the theme of the game to golden theme. You can get bitlife super star mode by completing 100 bitlife challenges

Some Old Unblocked APK Versions

BitLife v3.13 Unblocked APK

BitLife v3.13.1 Unblocked APK

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